First, the elephant in the room: I’m fictional. You’re probably judging me now, looking at me like I’m some kinda weirdo. But it had to be said, so I said it.

My name is Kerry Pickens, and (if I do say so myself) I’m the best pet photographer in Bluebeard’s Booty, Rhode Island. My creators, David Scoville and R.J. Nestor, are writing a screenplay about my second job as a crime scene photographer / accidental detective.

I live beside the old lighthouse on a big cliff over the ocean. My house and the lighthouse have been in my family for generations, and the house is huge! I live there with all my buddies.

I know some of the people in town think I shouldn’t live with all these dogs and cats and lizards and drifters. Especially the drifters, I think, but when a stranger needs to crash at your place for a couple years, how are you supposed to say no?

But my best bud is Garmin. He’s my bloodhound. Get it? Bloodhounds find stuff, and “Garmin” is a GPS company? I thought that one up myself. Garmin’s my best buddy and he always will be. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog. Pretty much everyone in town will be on here somewhere–maybe you’ll even be one of my neighbors! It’s gonna be tons of fun!