As I re-read my post title, I feel the need to reassure you that nobody died. I just had a fun day yesterday, when 3 of my Facebook buddies stopped by my lighthouse for a visit! One of them happened to be a co-creator of mine, R.J. Nestor.

It’s a scary feeling, meeting your maker. Will I measure up to his expectations? Will he forgive me for my faults? Actually, this is sounding religious again. I swear nobody died.

I welcomed R.J. and my other friends into my home. They were particularly taken with my bloodhound, Garmin. I offered them a breakfast of jonnycakes and leftover tuna helper, but one of them couldn’t eat wheat and the other didn’t like seafood, so that didn’t work. Next time I’ll make the jonnycakes with cornmeal only!

R.J. had a ton of questions. How many boarders do I have? (Varies. Anywhere from 12 to 15 generally.) Was the man they saw on the way here, wearing a wet suit getting a harpoon out of his trunk, one of my boarders? (Yes. I call him Spear.) Is the lighthouse operational? (Yes, but it’s “automated,” which I think means robots make it work.) If there were a real Bluebeard’s Booty, where on this island would it be? (I didn’t understand this question, since it sounded like they didn’t think my town exists. Which was confusing, because they must’ve passed it on the way to the lighthouse.)

He asked me every little detail about my life, but half the time he said they’d need to change it for “artistic license.” Which is just a fancy word for lying, as best as I could tell. Still, since he and David created me, I guess I can’t complain too much.

Speaking of David, I asked R.J. where David was. R.J. said he was working. Which I understand completely, since I serve the greater Kingstown/Jamestown/Newport area as a pet photographer. I’ll have to meet David some other day.

It’s not often a fictional character gets to welcome her friends into her non-existent home, so I consider myself truly blessed. I hope they’ll make it back soon!