After I spent the night in the Hotel Giraffe in New York City (Small Town Girl, Part 1), I made my way toward the Nest Event Loft for the first day of the Pet Photography convention. The conference was absolutely wonderful, and I met tons of new friends. I won’t go into all the details here, because I already shared some of the stuff I learned in my Pet Networking post. I learned a lot of valuable lessons about New York, though, and that’s what this post is about.

1. The guy who has three cards and wants you to pick the Queen of Hearts is cheating somehow. When I was watching I knew where the queen was every time, but when I was betting I always got it wrong! I started to get angry after I lost $100, but before I could get my money back they folded the whole thing up and ran off. If you see him somewhere, win back my $100.

2. There are some really cheap watches available. I don’t know what a Rolex is, but the guy I bought it from said it was worth a fortune. I guess he could afford sell it cheap because he had so many more stuffed inside his coat. It’s so fancy I can’t even figure out how it works. It stopped a couple hours after I bought it, and I can’t get it going again. I guess that’s the price you pay for luxury!

3. There are wonderful free concerts on almost every street corner. A guitarist over here, a saxophonist over there. It’s a little bit of everything. They get really grumpy when you watch them for more than a few minutes, though, even if you clap and cheer really loud after every song. It occurs to me as I write this that they may have wanted me to give them some money, but I couldn’t have anyway: I had spent my last cash on my $10 Rolex.

4. Really important: there’s a thing called J-walking—or jaywalking, I’m not sure how they spell it—that they can give you a ticket for. It has something to do with where you cross the street, but I never quite understood what the nice policeman was telling me. I explained that we didn’t have anything like that in Bluebeard’s Booty, and he kind of left me alone after that. So to be on the safe side, only cross the street where you see other people crossing the street.

My last day in New York I got to see Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway! I’ll tell you all about it in my next post!