I’ve been going over my notes and organizing my pictures from last week’s Pet Photographers’ conference, and I thought you might enjoy hearing a little bit about my first ever trip to New York City!!!

It’s only 3 1/2 hours from Bluebeard’s Booty to New York City, assuming you own a car, which I don’t. So the first hour and a half was a 5-mile hike to Newport. From there, I hopped a Bonanza Bus (it said “Peter Pan” on the side) to New York. By bus it’s five and a half hours, so I took a book, Professional Techniques for Pet and Animal Photography by Debrah Muska, to get into the spirit of the conference.

I fell asleep somewhere in Connecticut, which wouldn’t be a big deal, except I’m a funny sleeper: I sound like I’m giggling the whole time. And I’m impossible to wake up. So when I finally did wake up, I was literally on my feet and the bus driver was shaking me and screaming in my ear. He was really mad because I was pretending to be asleep. “But Kerry, you weren’t pretending!” Right, but I was giggling the whole time, so how was he supposed to know that?

After the driver threw my luggage at me, I looked around and realized I was right in the heart of Manhattan!

I printed off my walking directions before I left home, so I started down 42st Street toward Broadway. Almost immediately I saw a huge advertisement for a Spider-man musical. It sounded like fun, so I decided I’d check it out before I left New York. More on that in another post. I walked into Times Square without even realizing it—I wouldn’t notice it until I came back for Spider-man—and set off down Broadway.

Thank God Elf is my favorite Christmas movie, because I knew to watch out for taxis. They were everywhere, and they really don’t stop. At Broadway and 34th I got a little caught up looking at Macy’s on one side and the Empire State Building on the other, and I nearly got plastered all over Herald Square. Sightseeing is best when stationary.

It was only twenty or so blocks to the Hotel Giraffe. When I was searching for hotels and I saw that name, I couldn’t resist. It was a little pricey, but I haven’t completely wiped out mom and dad’s savings yet. And it was close to the conference at the Nest Event Loft.

My room was cute as a button! I immediately put on the bathrobe and slippers—so comfy! I’ve never slept better than I did surrounded by sumptuous sheets on a pillowy bed.

The next morning I ate a delicious (and complimentary!) breakfast, and set out for the conference! I’ll post the conference details in my next post.